Unknown host: yourdomainname.com

Unknown host means, the IP not resolving in the computer/internet connection.  Sometimes this may occur if the ISP negatively cached the domainname.  Normally this will get released in 4 hours when the ISP DNS refreshes.

you can check the settings yourself from the command prompt.

1)  nslookup  yourdomainname.com  ==>  check resolving from your computer dns

2)  nslookup yourdomainname.com ns1/ns2.yourdomain-name-server   ==>  check resolving from your name server  dns from the server

3)  nslookup yourdomainname.com   ==>  check resolving from google dns.

If item 2 is resolving the IP, then our serving is correctly working.
if item 3 is resolving the IP, then dns is working with external dns servers also
if item 3 is not resolving, then the problem is with the ISP internet connection.
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